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BridgeCom Consulting Group is the only Growth Management Consultancy offering entrepreneurs and businesses with the $2-50 million in revenue, a Complete Growth Advisory Package…




Strategy, Managed Execution & Financing.




…Unlike other firms that walk away after providing a great research report and strategic recommendations.  Leaving the hard part for you!  BridgeCom takes you from concept, to funding, to pay off within a 12 month time frame bridging the gap between the solutions you need and the results you desire taking extra care to make sure projects are always successful.


We make sure you grow your business, that is, unless you like having B.S. binders and reports on your bookshelf gathering dust.



    • Total Organizational Growth Program
    • GTM (Go To Market) Launch Strategy
    • BizDev & Sales Strategy
    • Competitive Analysis & Positioning Strategy
    • Geographic, New Market Expansion Plans
    • “Make it Turnkey” and sell your Business
    • Operational Efficiency & Cost Reduction

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    • BridgeCom Fundability Score Index™
    • Deal Screening & Due Diligence Execution
    • Securing Traditional Lending
    • Structuring for Capital Raising
    • Our Finance Network of…
    • VC’s, Private Equity, Angels, Banks
    • The Innovation Fund is our PE startup


    • Direct Response Campaigns
    • Professional Video Production
    • PR Campaigns with ROI Measuring
    • Brand design & Strategy
    • Dream Buyer Appointment Setting
    • Sales As A Service
    • Event Planning and Management

Our Four Step Approach Is Pretty Much Like Everyone Else’s, Except…

We Actually DO $#IT!


The first step in the process is admitting you have a problem – You want to grow your business, but haven’t been able to (who has the time) or aren’t sure how, there’s a hundred of reasons, the question is why? We figure out where you currently are and where you want to be and we ask “Why you’re not already there?” And so it begins…


Now that we know where you are and where you want to go (and why) we need to figure out what the outside world is doing and going to do to stop you from getting there (those bastards)  Remember, advantage goes to the one who knows the competition better and the market best. With our approach you’re sure to be ahead & further, with a plan.


We know our Goals, The Market and Our Competitors… we’re armed and ready.  Now we need a strategy to bring everything together, and it has to rock the industry! It’s our blueprint for bridging the gap between current reality and future vision. (This is where most processes stop, “Here’s your report, good luck!”) …but not here…


The key to success lies entirely in execution: knowledge is useless without action.  But you might not have the capacity to take it all on yourself. Where others leave, we begin…  Our fulfilment team is here to do it with you and for you, whatever you need, because in the end what you need is a team to “Do $#IT”

We Don’t Believe In Free Consultations…


At Least Not Consults Full of Crappy Free Advise That Gives You No Value. In Our “Strategy Sessions” You Get Only


Hard Hitting, “Best Stuff We Got” Help…


For FREE  (Mic Drop)


This is our way of demonstrating our capabilities, give you some valuable help and most importantly,  it’s a chance to see if we’re a good fit (life’s too short to work with people we don’t like.) Now click the big button on the right to schedule a quick 15 minute call to discuss your business and see if you qualify for a Session (yea, we said qualify – see life too short comment above).  😛

You Didn’t Start Your Business By Being Conventional,

Why Would You Want A Consultant That Is?



mav·er·ick (noun) – an unbranded calf or yearling.  hmmmm…that`s not right (on so many levels)


mav·er·ick (noun) – Someone who refuses to play by the rules, aren’t scared to cross the line of conformity, but their unorthodox tactics get results!  (that’s the one)

Leaders of the Pack

Nelson Bonito

CEO & Growth Strategist

Rob Falkner

CFO & Corporate Consultant

Ed Anderson

CSO, Sales Group Lead

35 Years Financing over $1.5 Billion in transactions.

Dave Russell

Capital Group Godfather
The Marketing Group

Kevin Maynard

Marketing Strategist

Patrick McCaully

PR, Lead

Paul Phillips

Brand Strategist

Senay Johnson

Marketing Automation Consultant
Operational Excellence Practice
Business Development

Dunja Fucic

Performance Improvement Consultant

Mo Al Borno

Strategic Management Consultant

Ian Garmaise

Business Development

Angel Morales

BizDev Strategist
Corporate Governance Practice
Doer's Of Great Things (Support)

Simon Walker

Risk Management Consultant

Michael Bury

CLO, Legal Advisor

Chris Bardos

Analyst & Product Marketing

Paul Polisena




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Average Annual Return Clients Achieve

Success Should Be Fun,






Projects Completed


Glasses Of Celebratory Scotch (Intoxicated Guess)


Clients & Partners (Who are also our clients – Proof is in the Pudding)

Ahh, The Office… Where **It Gets Done

Unorthodox Approach,

Unconventional Solutions,

Incredible Results.


In Case You Were Wondering What Sets BridgeCom Apart